See what real Well-Connect customers say about their new found savings & comfort.

“We saved $2000 the first year and only filled our propane tank once compared to three times in previous years, and kept our home 5 degrees warmer. Thank you Well-Connect!”
— Mike S.
“I love the system. It saved over 800 gallons of propane the first year. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
— Robert S.
We bought a Well-Connect system over 3 years ago. We used to fill up our propane tank (500 gal) every 7 weeks, during the fall & winter. Now with the Well-Connect system, we fill up Once A Year! Thank You to the folks at Well-Connect, for the great system we have set up in our home!
Keeps our home comfortable year around! Love It!

Also, the system was set up in about 7 hours with minimal mess made during the entire process.
— Steve & Miriam
Now my home is so much more comfortable. No more drafts or cold rooms in my house. I no longer need space heaters and only burn wood when I want.
— Rev. Charles S.
Well-Connect…THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

We got your Well Connect unit installed in our home on Friday, December 1st, 2017. The installation took about 7 hours, complete. We turned the unit on and set the remote controlled thermostat to 70 degrees, and turned it down to 64 that night (we like it cooler at night with blankets).

In the morning, we turned it back to 70 degrees, and noticed that our propane furnace came on with the Well Connect unit, but only ran for 5-10 minutes. The Well Connect then stayed on and kept our home at 70 degrees,…all day long.

Looking at our logger on New Years Eve, about 11 pm. it showed that we saved 130 gallons of propane for the month of December and it only cost us about $59 (click on the link below to see our logger) for the electricity to run the Well Connect unit.

We experienced even better savings in January, 2018 (saved 135 gallons of propane and only $56 for the electricity). Even AFTER our bank financing payments, we are way ahead of the game,….just in the 1st two (2) months of getting the unit installed!!!

Wish we had known about Well Connect 6 years ago when we moved into our home!!! Thank you, Thank you,….THANK YOU!!!
— Randy Bishop
My wife and I purchased a new modular and placed it in a rural area near Ludington MI. Our heat source is propane. It also has central air conditioning.
We use this as a weekend retreat, and we are there virtually every weekend year around with some extended stays.

The short story is, I am a very skeptical person. Generally if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. I was in contact with Terra Caloric for months, primarily because I just couldn’t believe the data I was being provided regarding system efficiency. it sounded way too optimistic. Turns out, my results are even better than advertised. With rare exception, my regular forced air system doesn’t get used and the monthly cost to operate the Well Connect unit is ridiculously inexpensive. From the cooling side of things. I haven’t used the central air one time since installing the Well Connect.

I could go on and on but I can promise you, I would do it again in a heartbeat.
— Jack and Marsha Frost
“My propane deliveryman said ‘Whatever it is you’re doing to reduce your propane use, it’s definitely working!’”
— Glynnis P.
“Best investment you can make for your home. We’ve saved thousands of dollars.”
— Gabe and Annah O.
“We’re saving $1,500 per year and would recommend Well-Connect to anyone.”
— Roger and Judy R.
“With our Well-Connect, we no longer need to keep our wood fire going all night!”
— Kathy C.