A geothermal system made affordable for all rural homeowners.

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Paying Too Much For Propane or Fuel Oil?

Live in a cold & uncomfortable home?

Tired of Burning Wood?

Wish you Had Air Conditioning?


Now you have an affordable solution.

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What is Well-Connect Hybrid Geothermal?

Well-Connect is a water source heat pump that is simply added to your home’s existing heating system. It supplies the vast majority of a home’s heating needs and relies on the existing system to supplement on the coldest days. It also air conditions your home. A Well-Connect can typically be installed in 1 day, any time of the year.


Well-Connect carries the load.

This chart shows the monthly heating load for a typical home during the heating season. The blue portion shows that Well-Connect supplies 85% of the total heating load. The red portion shows the home’s current heat source. It is secondary to the Well-Connect and only helps out on the coldest days.


It’s so affordable and efficient, it pays for itself.

On average, rural homeowners can 100% finance and heat with a Well-Connect for less than they are currently spending to heat with propane, fuel oil, electric resistance or wood. It’s actually costing you money to go without a Well-Connect.


The Net Price of an installed Well-Connect typically ranges from

$6,000 - $9,000*

after factoring in available incentives


*The specific price depends on the system size (2 sizes available) and a home’s current heating system configuration. Incentives include a 30% Federal Tax Credit and rebates offered by rural electric cooperatives. Most customers finance through Michigan Saves Home Energy Loan Program.


If you are not a Michigan resident, contact us or fill out this quick form form and we’ll identify what rebates and/or financing options are available for you.


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See if the system is a good fit for your home.

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Schedule a FREE home visit or virtual tour.

Step 3

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Get your system installed (usually in a single day).


What do Homeowners Say?

“My propane deliveryman said ‘Whatever it is you’re doing to reduce your propane use, it’s definitely working!’”
— Glynnis P.
“Best investment you can make for your home. We’ve saved thousands of dollars.”
— Gabe and Annah O.
“We’re saving $1,500 per year and would recommend Well-Connect to anyone.”
— Roger and Judy R.

 Awards & Press

2016 Governor’s Energy Excellence Award “Innovator of the Year”


Featured on WJR’s Greening of the Great Lakes Program

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