Alpena, MI – Terra Caloric, LLC, announces that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) has granted a patent (U.S. Patent # 9,441,859) for the company’s Well-Connect heating and cooling system. Well-Connect is an innovative product that uses groundwater as a geothermal energy source to heat and cool homes. Geothermal energy is widely viewed as the most sustainable and efficient energy source because no fossil fuels are extracted or burned. Well-Connect is unique in that it makes use of a minimal amount of well water already flowing into the home while employing a hybrid system approach. This drastically reduces the high cost associated with installing a conventional geothermal system, which is the major barrier to their wider adoption.

Terra Caloric, LLC President Tim Schultz said, “We are excited the USPTO recognized the unique design of the Well-Connect system. Now rural homeowners have an affordable option to achieve much lower heating and cooling costs while doing so with a 100% renewable energy source.”
The Patent issued covers Well-Connect’s novel method and system for using energy from ground water to heat and cool. Well-Connect uses a “hybrid approach”, operating in parallel with the existing heating and cooling system. The Well-Connect serves as the primary heating or cooling source, carrying between 70% and 100% of the total load. During the very coldest and hottest times the home’s existing furnace may be called on to supplement the Well-Connect. The result is a product that costs far less to purchase and install than a conventional geothermal system, but which provides 90% or more of the financial and environmental benefits.
The patent comes on the heels of an accolade from the Governor’s Energy Excellence Awards to recognize innovative ways of reducing energy waste in Michigan. Terra Caloric owner and Well-Connect inventor, Dennis Schultz, received the prestigious award for Innovator of the Year in Energy Excellence.  (Read more here.)

Commenting on the Energy Excellence Award, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder said, “Energy efficiency doesn’t mean doing less, it means doing as much or more but using less energy to get it done.  Energy efficiency is the best example of a no-regrets policy Michigan can have.” 
About Terra Caloric, LLC.

Terra Caloric, LLC, the maker of Well-Connect Geothermal Systems, is a business born out of the family-owned Timm Construction Company, a LEED certified, residential and commercial builder for over 60 years, in Northeast Michigan. The Terra Caloric Team has decades of knowledge and experience in HVAC systems with an emphasis on geothermal and solar.

“The cleanest, cheapest gallon of fossil fuel is the one you don’t have to use.” 
 – Dennis E. Schultz, founder of Terra Caloric, LLC.