Well-Connect System Specifications

Well-Connect is a self-contained water source heat pump designed to provide efficient heating and cooling all year long. Optimized to use a minimum amount of water from an existing well, Well-Connect is ideal for use in rural areas to deliver as much clean, economical heat as possible to a home or small business. In most cases it is not used to replace an existing heating system, but rather to operate as a first stage, thereby greatly reducing the amount of run time and expense associated with burning fossil fuels.

General Specifications

Physical Data:
Height 46″
Width 24″
Depth 20″
Weight 240 lbs
Filter Size 20″ x 30″ x 1″
Minimum Clearances 6″ to Sides
3′ to Top
3′ to Front
Max. Static 0.5″
Duct Connection 12″
Refrigerant R-410A
Electrical Data:
Model 16XX Model 24XX
60 Hz Power 230V – 1 Phase 230V – 1 Phase
Max.Fuse 20.0 Amps 30.0 Amps
Min. Circuit Amps 15.0 Amps 20.0 Amps
Total Unit FLA 11.7 Amps 15.4 Amps
Compressor RLA 9.1 Amps 12.8 Amps
Compressor LRA 48.0 Amps 64 Amps
Blower Motor FLA 2.6 Amps 2.6 Amps
Connection Type NEMA 6-20 plug, 4′ Cord NEMA 6-20 plug, 4′ Cord
Model 16XX Model 24XX
Required Flow (min/max pressure: 15 to 75 psi) Nominal 2 GPM (internal flow regulator) Nominal 3.5 GPM (internal flow regulator)
Minimum Incoming Water Temp @ 2gpm 45°F (7.5°C) 45°F (7.5°C)
Unit Water Connections 3/4″ FPT Supply & Discharge 3/4″ FPT Supply & Discharge
Maximum Discharge Height Above Unit 10 ft. (Minimum ¾” ID pipe size) 10 ft. (Minimum ¾” ID pipe size)
Performance Data:
Heating COP Cooling EER
Model 16XX 18,700 btu/hr 4.64 21,802 btu/hr 22.26
Model 24XX 27,979 btu/hr 4.53 31,176 btu/hr 21.68
Tested in accordance with ISO Standard 13526-1, which includes corrections for pumping and fan power.
Heating capacity based on 68°F DB/59°F WB entering air temperature.
Cooling capacity based on 80.6°F DB/66.2°F WB entering air temperature.
Entering water temperature: 50°F heating / 59°F cooling. Ground Water Heat Pump Application (GWHP).
Nominal airflow 700 CFM (model 16XX)/1,000 CFM (model 24XX)
Standard Features: Optional Accessories:
Wireless 2-stage Digital Thermostat
2nd Stage Heating & Cooling Relays
Cupro-Nickel Water Coil w/Freeze Clean Function
Return Air Plenum with Duct Collar
‘Easy-Clean’ Spin Down Water Filter
Braided Water Hose Kit