Our mission is simple.

Provide rural homeowners the absolute greenest and lowest cost means of heating and cooling their homes and make a meaningful positive impact, economically and environmentally, on rural communities.

Terra Caloric, LLC, maker of Well-Connect, was born out of the family owned Timm Construction Company. Timm Construction Company was founded in 1948 by Emery Timm, whose initial work included the installation of oil and wood burning furnaces in rural homes in the Lower Peninsula of Michigan. In the decades since, the Timm Construction Company has built hundreds of commercial and residential structures, always with an eye towards energy efficiency.

In 2002, then President Dennis Schultz (step-son of Emery) began studying and applying geothermal heating and cooling systems, including a well based design for a 2004 factory conversion of a 27,000 square foot NOAA facility/museum followed by a 2,500 square foot plant area conversion to a “boat house”. In 2008 a 7-unit, 11,000 square foot residential retirement condominium facility was designed and completed at Alpena Village.

On the recognition of both the high efficiency of well water based heat and cooling and the need for a solution to help rural homeowners reduce their reliance on high cost fossil fuel heating, the Well-Connect idea was developed. The concept was simple: use free renewable energy from a very small amount of well water to supply the majority of a home’s heating needs and therefore dramatically reduce the use of high cost, high CO2 emitting fossil fuel. As a result, Terra Caloric was awarded U.S. and Canadian patents for it’s unique hybrid design, which yields an optimized combination of a low up-front cost system with low annual operating costs.

Today, an innovative staff of managers, engineers, and technicians proudly manufacture and sell Well-Connects from Alpena, Michigan to rural homeowners around the USA and Canada.