What About Solar?

Photo by Elenathewise/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by Elenathewise/iStock / Getty Images

A grid-tied solar electric system (commonly called a PV system) is usually an ideal partner for a Well-Connect heating and cooling system. PV is short for photovoltaic, a word that is used to describe the conversion of light into electricity. Whenever sunlight is shining on the PV system electricity is generated. That electricity will be used to power any loads in your house, and any excess electricity produced will go out through your electric meter onto the grid. It essentially “spins your meter backwards” giving you a billing credit for any electricity the PV system provides to the grid. This arrangement is known as “net-metering” and allows you to, in effect, use the grid as a free storage battery where you can bank any electricity from your PV system that cannot be used immediately in your home. So in the summer, when the PV system output is at its peak, you will build up credits for electricity that you can then draw from the grid during the winter to run your Well-Connect heating system.

PV systems can be roof mounted or ground mounted, depending on the features of your property and the best exposure to sunlight. Below are typical photos of each type of installation. One ground-mounted option even moves to track the sun throughout each day, harvesting the maximum amount of available solar energy at all times.


Advantages of grid tied solar system combined with a Well-Connect


Solar electric systems are more affordable than ever before, with great incentives, tax credits, and historic low pricing on photovoltaic modules. By choosing solar electric, you pre-buy your ‘fuel’ for the next 30 to 50 years and insure yourself against future energy price increases. Plus you will have the cleanest, greenest and most efficient heating system available!


When you power a Well-Connect heat pump with solar panels, you will have a long-lived energy solution. PV modules are maintenance-free, warrantied for 25 years, and expected to last 30+ years. Well-Connect geothermal heat pumps are classified among the longest lasting heating and cooling appliances available.


Your PV system will be powering your air-conditioning needs all summer long, while it also generates electric credits which can then be used to heat your home during the winter. If you used to spend your summer splitting and stacking firewood for the coming winter, you can instead let the sun do the work while you enjoy more leisure time with the family.


Are you thinking about a solar system? 

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