Hybrid Geothermal


Well-Connect extracts the energy from your well water to heat & cool your home for half.


Why Well-Connect?

Watch our overview video to learn more about Well-Connect and how you can save thousands on your heating & cooling costs.

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Heat & Air Conditioning

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Fully Renewable Energy


Affordable & Simple


Quiet & Comfortable


Clean Water In, Clean Water Out


Well-Connect captures the free, renewable energy from your well water then concentrates it to heat and cool your home.

There is an abundance of clean, renewable energy in groundwater and your well is already tapped into it. Well-Connect’s hybrid approach turns your well into your own free, clean energy source to dramatically reduce your energy costs, improve the comfort of your home and help the environment.


Well-Connect Comes in Two Sizes

We can help you evaluate your home to determine what heat pump size works best for you.



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Well-Connect Hybrid Geothermal

Save money by going green!