Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Would I be wasting water?

A. A Well-Connect system wastes zero water. The water is simply the transfer medium used to carry heat from the earth to your home (and vice versa in the summer to cool your home). The water is as clean when leaving the Well-Connect as it was when it entered. 100% of the water is returned to the ground and eventually to an aquifer (simply via gravity).

Q. Am I simply trading electric cost for propane cost?

A. A Well-Connect uses less electricity (1200 watts) than a typical hair dryer. Your electric usage will increase about 5,000 kWh per heating season but your propane usage will decrease about 900 gallons per heating season. So if you’re electric rate is $0.09 per kWh, then your heating cost will be about $450 for the winter. Assuming a propane price of $2.00 per gallon, you will save $1,800 per year for a net savings of $1,350.

Q. Will it burn up my well pump?

A. The vast majority of well pumps are designed to cycle 300 times per day. With a Well-Connect system, an additional pressure tank is installed in order to maximize daily cycles to 145 (on the coldest days) or about 1/2 of the rated frequency of the pump.