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  1. James Page
    James Page says:

    You already answered a question I had that Linda L just asked. So work fast on the drawing board! The only way that I can do this in my house is in a 4′ high crawl space where my horizontal furnace is. But I also have another question. My Iron Out filter and pressure tank is in a well pit outside and far away from the where the water comes into the furnace room. You say in your video that you need to pull water before the water filtration and this will not be possible the way my house is sourced. Is it ok to tie into the water main after the iron out tank?…what would be the disadvantage?

    • Tim Schultz
      Tim Schultz says:

      Hello James,

      The water should not go through the iron filter. It will deplete the filter media quickly, or if it’s a backwashing type iron filter, cause it to backwash several times a day. The best solution might be to move the iron filter and pressure tank(s) into the crawl if the house is occupied year round. Tanks were usually put in pits for seasonal homes that were winterized, so perhaps this is the case with yours. Keep your questions coming. Thanks

    • Daniel Mydlowski
      Daniel Mydlowski says:

      I had my installed Dec 18th 2017, i am above and beyond impressed and thrilled with the Wellconnect, the musty smell in the basement was gone in 18 hrs. This is an incredible product, super efficient! My bills are shocking, less than the same period last yr every month so far. Remember, this yr has been bitter single digits compared to last yr. Impressively, no propane use. My electric use went up but the price went down, Couldn’t be more delight

  2. Randy Bishop
    Randy Bishop says:

    Well Connect,…THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

    We got your Well Connect unit installed in our home on Friday, December 1st, 2017. The installation took about 7 hours, complete. We turned the unit on and set the remote controlled thermostat to 70 degrees, and turned it down to 64 that night (we like it cooler at night with blankets).

    In the morning, we turned it back to 70 degrees, and noticed that our propane furnace came on with the Well Connect unit, but only ran for 5-10 minutes. The Well Connect then stayed on and kept our home at 70 degrees,…all day long.

    Looking at our logger on New Years Eve, about 11 pm. it showed that we saved 130 gallons of propane for the month of December and it only cost us about $59 (click on the link below to see our logger) for the electricity to run the Well Connect unit.

    We experienced even better savings in January, 2018 (saved 135 gallons of propane and only $56 for the electricity). Even AFTER our bank financing payments, we are way ahead of the game,….just in the 1st two (2) months of getting the unit installed!!!

    Wish we had known about Well Connect 6 years ago when we moved into our home!!! Thank you, Thank you,….THANK YOU!!!

  3. Linda L
    Linda L says:

    I am intrigued by the functionality of the Well-Connect and that it could save us money on propane for heating but that it could also cool our northern Michigan vacation home which also does not have air conditioning. We have a propane furnace installed horizontally in a crawl space that is about 3 foot high. Can the unit be installed horizontally?

    • Tim Schultz
      Tim Schultz says:

      Hi Linda,

      Our horizontal design is on the drawing table but not yet available for purchase. Our stand-alone model may be an option for you. Give us a call at 989-356-2113 and we’ll figure out if we can develop a solution for you. Thank you

  4. David Barstis
    David Barstis says:

    10 years ago I replaced my fuel oil furnace with an electric furnace. Since there is no flame the furnace doesn’t put out a much heat. The furnace struggles to get the house up to 62 degrees in the cold of winter. I’m looking for something to increase heat output. Will this system help and is there a link telling about cost?

    • Tim Schultz
      Tim Schultz says:

      Hello David,

      A Well-Connect works great in combination with an existing electric furnace and I’m sure we can get your overall house temperature above 62 degrees. Fill out the quick form at this link and we can give you a heating cost comparison as well as a price for the system: https://wellconnectgeo.com/site-preview/

      Or give us a call at 989-356-2113 and we’ll further discuss your situation. Thanks, Tim

    • Tim Schultz
      Tim Schultz says:

      Hi Phil,

      Iron isn’t a problem. In the heating mode we are removing heat energy from the water and even in cooling mode the water temperature only gets to about 65 degrees – buildup doesn’t typically occur below 100 degree water temperature as often seen with water heaters. That said, we do have a unique feature called a ‘freeze clean’ that allows for the system to be cleaned of any minerals. The process is quite simple, including holding down a switch and flushing the system with water to remove any minerals – this is usually performed once per year and takes about 15 minutes.

    • Tim Schultz
      Tim Schultz says:

      Hello Warren,

      Yes we have systems installed in a number of modular homes and it will work with natural gas. Just note that with natural gas at a 15 year low, the cost to heat with a Well-Connect is typically on par with the current cost of natural gas. However, depending on your electric provider, there may still be a meaningful savings for you. Let us know who your electric provider is or better yet, take a minute to fill out our free energy cost analysis form and we’ll send you the analysis. Here is a link to that page/form: https://wellconnectgeo.com/site-preview/

      Thank you for your interest in Well-Connect.

  5. Steve & Miriam
    Steve & Miriam says:

    We bought a Well-Connect system over 3 years ago. We used to fill up our propane tank (500 gal) every 7 weeks, during the fall & winter. Now with the Well-Connect system, we fill up Once A Years!! Thank You to the folks at Well-Connect, for the great system we have set up in our home!
    Keeps our home comfortable year around! Love It!

    Also, the system was set up in about 7 hours with minimal mess made during the entire process.

  6. Jack and Marsha Frost
    Jack and Marsha Frost says:

    My wife and I purchased a new modular and placed it in a rural area near Ludington MI. Our heat source is propane. It also has central air conditioning.
    We use this as a weekend retreat, and we are there virtually every weekend year around with some extended stays.

    The short story is, I am a very skeptical person.. Generally if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. I was in contact with Terra Caloric for months.. primarily because I just couldn’t believe the data I was being provided regarding system efficiency.. it sounded way too optimistic. Turns out, my results are even better than advertised. With rare exception, my regular forced air system doesn’t get used and the monthly cost to operate the Well Connect unit is ridiculously inexpensive. From the cooling side of things.. I haven’t used the central air one time since installing the Well Connect.

    I could go on and on but I can promise you, I would do it again in a heartbeat.

  7. Douglas
    Douglas says:

    My water well is 515 ft. deep. The well pump is 5 h.p. It’s not inexpensive to run. I have a boiler / hot water heat.
    Your thoughts please.

    • Tim Schultz
      Tim Schultz says:

      Regarding your well, do you know what the static water level is and at what depth the pump is set? Wondering if the 5HP pump is necessary because the static water level is at 500 feet, or is the well a high yield well used for irrigation or other agricultural purposes? If you don’t know, we could probably find the info in the Michigan data base for water wells. Just need the address.
      Agree that running the 5 HP pump with frequent starts and stops could be prohibitively costly. If the static water level is not too deep there might be other options such as a separate pump for the Well-Connect or a larger pressure tank.

      The typical Well-Connect application in a home with hydronic heating would be a ‘self-ducted’ configuration. Click here to see an example:http://wellconnectgeo.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/WC-Self-Ducted-Example-v2.pdf

      Thank you for your question.

  8. Dawn Baxter
    Dawn Baxter says:

    I live in South Alabama where it gets extremely hot. You talk more about heating but how is it with cooling? Our house is over 3400 sf and our electric bill can get up to $600 a month in the summer. We have 2 heat pumps. Will your system cut our electric bill down a much as the propane heating? Do you need 2 systems since I have 2 heat pumps? Where does the unit get installed since my unit is half in a closet and the other half outside? We have no basement.


    Dawn Baxter

    • Tim Schultz
      Tim Schultz says:

      Hi Dawn,

      Well-Connect is very efficient at cooling. We do concentrate more on heating as the savings associated with heating is much more significant than cooling in most cases. That said, a Well-Connect is typically 20% to 30% more efficient for cooling than a conventional air source heat pump. To best answer your question for your home, if you take a minute to fill out our online form, we can send you an energy cost analysis which will give you a very good estimate of your cooling cost savings. Here is the link:http://wellconnectgeo.com/site-preview/

      Thank you for you inquiry.


    • Tim Schultz
      Tim Schultz says:

      Our current models are all water to air as this is the most applicable design for existing homes and facilitates air conditioning. We are in development of a water to water system for radiant flooring, but this will not apply to hot water baseboard. Thank you for your question.

    • Tim Schultz
      Tim Schultz says:

      While there are situations where an installation can take 2 days or sometimes 3, in 80% or more of the applications, the installation is completed in 4 to 8 hours.

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