Saves You Money

  • Heat for a fraction of the cost of propane, fuel oil, or electric resistance
  • 1/4 the cost of traditional geothermal systems
  • Finance and operate for less than the cost of fossil fuel alone

Be Green

  • Heat and Cool with renewable energy from your groundwater
  • Reduce your fossil fuel emissions
  • Eliminate the hassle and harmful emissions of burning biomass

Geothermal Simplified

  • Simple one day installation
  • No drilling of loops – use your existing well water, and return it unharmed back to the earth
  • Patented hybrid design works with your existing furnace, extending it’s useful service life


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What others say about Well-Connect

“My propane deliveryman said ‘Whatever it is you’re doing to reduce your propane use, it’s definitely working!'”

Glynnis P.

“Best investment you can make for your home. We’ve saved thousands of dollars.”

Gabe and Annah O.

“We’re saving $1,500 per year and would recommend Well-Connect to anyone.”

Roger and Judy R.

“With our Well-Connect, we no longer need to keep our wood fire going all night!”

Kathy C.

“I love the system. It saved over 800 gallons of propane the first year. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Robert S.

“We saved $2000 the first year and only filled our propane tank once compared to three times in previous years, and kept our home 5 degrees warmer. Thank you Well-Connect!”

Mike S.

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